Karma Project.

Karma Yoga Project

A part of our Bali Yoga  Teacher & Life Training is a Karma Yoga Project.

Karma Yoga means selfless service, and in this project you have the opportunity to be of service in your community. We kindly ask you to choose a Karma Yoga Project, in which you give back. This can be in your  community, the environment or to animals. Examples are: initiative to reduce the use of plastic, free yoga classes for refugees or animal rescue. We encourage you to choose something that you are eager to continue after your training, instead of a “one off deal”.

This is a personal project that reflects your passions and beliefs and is to be presented during the training in the evenings at the villa in Bali.

You can design your presentation any way you like. From creating a powerpoint to having a relaxed sit down summary, to a formal speech at maximum length of 15 minutes.

Please start to work on it at home before the teacher training. We are looking forward to your contribution. Have fun!

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