Trainings & Yoga Holidays.

Life Trainings & Yoga Holidays



The Life Training has 3 elements: 

  • Yogic Practices,
  • Island Explorations
  • Life Coaching 

Yogic Practices

  • daily meditation & pranayama
  •  morning and evening yoga asana practice (3,5 hrs)
  • 120 hours of theory (yoga philosophy, energetics, nutrition, lifestyle & more)
  • kirtan, chants
Bai Explorations
  • 3 island excursions
  •  Bali ceremonies, dances, campfires by the beach

Life Coaching

The coach and coachee partner in 5 hours (3 sessions plus email and sms support) to:

  • Use assessment tools to gain greater insight of where they are currently
    Gain clarity on desired outcome
  • Identify and begin process of resolving barriers or limiting beliefs that block action
  • Create a plan to achieve desired outcome
  • Identify strategies, skills, habits that support progress 
Bonus: An additional trial session is offered to you as an online present from Donni BEFORE you leave.
Costs:  €1,900 (incl. deposit & tax) plus accommodation:
(see prices below at yoga holiday)


  • daily meditation & pranayama
  •  1 or 2 times a day  (you choose) of yoga asana practice (2 – 3,5 hours)
  • 10-20 hours for 3 weeks (we choose together with you)  of theory (yoga philosophy, mystic, energetics, nutrition, lifestyle & more)
  • 3 island excursions (1 per week) 
  • all events (ceremonies, kirtan, dance, campfire)  
  • snorkel (always) & kayak (time plan) gear
  • weekly massage 
  • optional life coaching (extra)
Costs:   Yoga 2x/day // Yoga 1x/day  
per week: €450  // € 380                                       
plus accommodation/food:
Rp. 750, 000 /day/person for room and board to be paid directly to Pondok Pisang. This rate is inclusive of your room & housekeeping, 3 daily vegetarian meals (fish upon request at times). Room requests: first come, first serve 🙂