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Flights are not included in the price. Please book yourself; the sooner the cheaper! Do not forget the 100% protection travel insurance!

100% complete protection Travel insurance is mandatory at this teacher & life training. We recommend for Austrians Donau or World Nomads. If you have an insurance through a credit card; please also check here if it includes evacztal cpveatin flights and full horaguspi

1) Personal responsibility
All course participants are responsible for their own visa and can check with their travel agency, embassy or on the official Indonesian website whether they have the correct visa.
is. So please do your research! Yoga Bali is not responsible for you choosing the right visa. But we are of course more than happy to help you. You are very welcome to contact us at any time.

2) Clear information

We have now copied everything about the visa from the official website: below (only copied!)

3) Please apply for your visa only here:

4) You can also contact Ella from Mas Travel (our coordination office here in Bali for visas and legalities) via whatsapp and say you are coming from me; however, she only speaks English and Indonesian: +62 – 819-1610-0924. Please do not accept Ella’s very first offer but ask her to give you all the options especially also the affordable ones. 

5) Which visas are available and which steps are necessary?

All visitors need a

  • passport with min. 6 months validity. and
  • a return ticket (that falls into the time frame of your visa).
  • Visa

Here is a short summary if visas that may apply to you (please do not rely on this info as this info changes all the time and might not be correct by the time you read it): 

1) Visa for 30 days (but you can extend this one for 60 and if bought online you can extend online)


2) Visa for Two months (60 days) – 

For Austrians more information is available at MD Travel Health. The complete health recommendations for each country are updated daily.

For information specific to travel vaccination see the homepage of the Federal Ministry of Health

Travelling lightly means packing lightly! Also, you’ll most likely shop in Bali, as Bali has so much to offer. There are so many beautiful, unique and affordable items!

There is an efficient laundry service, so it is not necessary to bring a complete wardrobe for every single day. Please remember, we are in a tropical environment:

  • Yoga clothes: 3-4 short or 3/4 pants (no long pants made of thick material); if t-shirts for yoga, then lightweight cotton, Spaghetti-halter tops or sports bras are ideal for ladies; thin little panties prevent heat rashes
  • Please bring your own yoga mat!
  • Sandals (although plastic sandals such as Havaianas are ideal for everyday use & great for rain (Beate uses them), we suggest to check out environmentally friendly shoes that brave the rain), open elegant sandals for evening/going out, comfortable shoes, sneakers for hiking. If socks then half-socks only, 1 – 2 pairs of light socks for sneakers
  • Shorts with cotton t-shirts, summer skirts with tops, airy summer dresses, shirts (cotton, airy), 1 lightweight sweatshirt, hoodie, light pants, airy cotton pants, 1 pair of jeans
  • Bikinis, swimsuit, sun hat, sunglasses
  • Snorkeling equipment, plastic shoes for the sea (Amed beach is rocky)
  • Sarongs (or buy them in Bali)
  • 2 white tops (that cover the shoulders) or light cotton blouses or t-shirts that are long enough that you can fit a belt around – these are for our temple excursions and ceremonies.
  • A scarf that covers your shoulders
  • Rain Coat and small carry around umbrella
  • For the mountains: warm jacket, jogging suit, waterproof jacket, hiking boots with socks, comfortable long pants, jeans, T-shirts, lumberjack or other shirts.
  • Insect repellent, sunscreen (biodegradable please)
  • Daypack, cloth bag for shopping
  • WATER BOTTLE to refill, NOT out of plastic
  • Camera, Torch, Alarm (wo we dont use the handy first thing in morning)
  • Note Book for the teacher training theory, Travel diary or Yoga Journal
  • your own medicine and one bandage (we also need for yoga); mosquito repellent or anti itch cream; magnesium
  • Extra phone for local calls, direct telephone for international calls
  • international driving license (in case, you want to drive around after or before the training but it is better to hire a driver, they are very cheap and cheerful) and driving here is a story and a half. We di NOT recommend to hire a motorbike during the training.

Topics: Stomachache, diarrhea, dengue etc.?

The Bali Belly is widespread, especially among visitors who travel to Asia for the first time. There are Chinese natural tablets, Colloidal Silver and homeopathic remedies which may help you, which we have available at The Kampung if all available at that time. However, please check with your doctor what to bring.

There is dengue, so please protect yourself against mosquitoes (i.e.: close Mosquito net after 4, wear organic natural mosquito repellent after 4pm and light clothes covering arms and legs). Since we are in good clean open areas, especially around the ocean, the chances to get bitten are much less than in the cities or densely populated areas.

Medication from outside the country is rarely needed, but if recommended by your doctor, please bring them. When necessary antibiotics are available locally and there are good clinics in Bali. Beate knows exactly where to go, to whom and what to get. Please let us know about specific medications you need or are taking. Thank you!

Suggestions for medication to bring: Mosquito bite preventative and bite treatment, magnesium, rehydration powder, diarrhea medication, powder for heat rash


Yes, we recommend to bring some cash in your currency (USD, Euro, AUD etc). You can change currency at the local money changers. We suggest avoiding currency exchanges at the airport as they are expensive.

If you need money for the taxi when you land, change €35 which is around Rp. 500,000 and enough for a taxi to Batu Karu. However, please remember to pre-arrange a driver with us or on your own as a taxi would be too expensive.
Please only go into money changers that are air-conditioned, bright and behind glass doors; not into some dodgy dark money changers in a side street. Always calculate yourself or take the calculator and type it in. Some calculators “calculate wrongly”.

Please check with your bank that your ATM card is valid internationally and ideally take a second card as well as a credit card.

Yes! We are happy to suggest alternative activities/accommodation for your family and might be able to arrange discounts. The Yoga Bali Holiday is ideal for your company!

  1. Bringing a Beginner’s Mind to Bali means looking at the world through a beginner’s eyes and packing an open mind and humility for your training/vacation. The term is a translation of the original word Shoshin, which comes from Zen Buddhism. It means looking at every situation you get into as if you were seeing it for the first time.
  2. To have the ability to give your best and show up every day, especially on days when you don’t feel like it, and come up with your best on that very day.
  3. Being able to honor and adapt to the greater good and the good of the group, which doesn’t mean that your self-love doesn’t come first and is the basis for everything.
  4. A fit/healthy body: what does that mean?
    This training/vacation is not about you being flexible and “bendable” (and able to touch your toes) – that’s a total misunderstanding of yoga. Also it is not about you being “acrobatic” enough to do the handstand or “strong” enough to stay in plank for 3 minutes or do 30 push-ups. This training goes beyond the physical layer. Digging deep. Yoga is MUCH more than our body. The body is “just the tip of the iceberg” in yoga and in this training/vacation, this aspect of the infinite space of the mind and soul is given a lot of space for individual exploration.

So what exactly does it imply to be physically fit for this training/holiday?

  • Please fill out our questionnaire, which you will receive after registration, honestly (Satya=living your truth) and comprehensively so that we know exactly about your physical constitution in the present. Everything is treated with sincere confidence and to your highest intention.
  • Be vital, open, motivated and with good intention to do your best on the mat twice a day (once a day on vacation if chosen), even if you “only” do what you can physically do – i.e. do not go beyond your limits (very important in your training/vacation). Ahimsa = non-violence towards your body.
  • not that you need 2 injections or strong anesthetics (or similar) to be physically able to sit on the plane at all.
  • if serious physical limitations, surgeries, medications etc could severely or slightly affect your practice, please send us a confirmation from your doctor what exactly this concerns and that he/she feels it is ok for you to participate in a trip to Asia plus 3 weeks yoga teacher training/vacation in the tropics at 30 degree

5.  healthy mental attitude / manageable mental medication – what does that mean?

it is ok for us if you are experiencing burn-out, addiction, mental limitations or are taking antidepressants/psychopharmaceuticals (we also see this training as a contribution to healing) BUT

  • Please fill out our questionnaire, which you will receive after registration, honestly (Satya=living your truth) and comprehensively so that we know exactly what it is about and how we can support you exactly
    it is VERY important for us that you tell us honestly in advance whether and which diagnosed mental limitations you experience and which medication you take regularly
  • if you are taking psychiatric medication, please send us a confirmation from your doctor/psychiatrist as to what exactly and that he/she feels it is ok for you to participate in a trip to Asia plus a 3 weeks yoga teacher training/vacation
  • a guarantee for us that you yourself will not reduce/stop taking the  medication during the training/holiday and only at home with medical supervision.
  • Completion of a Level 1 -200-Hour YTTC is a prerequisite for registration with the Yoga Alliance and other esteemed yoga registries as a 500-Hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher). 
  • Our 300-hour program is divided into four modules, and these modules are now open to all practitioners interested in specific areas of study. While we recommend having the 200-hour certification , those genuinely interested who have not completed a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Training can do directly the 300-Hour Yoga Teacher training without having a 200hrs certification 
  • During this program we offer individual modules listed as sub trainings with YACEP ( yoga alliance continue education provider ) such as : module 1: back care , shoulder and knees , module 2: heart, metabolism and gut health , module3: mental health , module 4 : Ayurveda for yoga teachers 
  • * each module includes its own booklet
    ** each module is a yoga alliance continuing education program, and yoga teachers who take the modules are elegible for Yacep hours certification , this modules can be taken in different locations and different times if necessary  
    *** the 300 hrs completion certificate is awarded after successful completion of all modules course , each module counts towards the 300hrs certification. Existing 200hrs RYT are elegible to register with yoga alliance as 500RYT once they completed all modules required

Arrival / Departure

You will be picked up by an Indonesian driver holding a sign with your name at the Airport in Denpasar/Bali once you have cleared customs. You will be driven to Batu Karu (~1,5-2.5 h drive der on traffic).

Batu Karu: Transfer cost for one car holding up to 3 passengers with luggage are Rp. 550,000/600,000 (about €35-40) and Rp. 700,000 (about € 42) for 4 passengers and more. Rates are subject to change.

For your departure, the accommodation is happy to organise the airport transfer for you and help you with all details of departure/transfer or assist you shall you decide to travel further through Bali or neighbouring islands. Beate is happy to assist you with tips.

If you would like to organise your own transport, please let us know!

1) Customs
is now also handled by phone. If you are waiting for your luggage (which could be longer :), please take a photo of the barcode (large sign in yellow) and fill everything in on your cell phone. Many people forget to do this and only do it again at customs, then you will be through quicker and have something to do while you wait for your luggage! There are big yellow boards with the bar code everywhere.

2) Picked up by the driver

Your driver will be waiting for you at the airport in Bali smiling with a sign with your name on it – Welcome to Bali

The costs (approx. 35-40 euro / 5550-600,000 IDR) per car – can be shared by 3 people)) for the driver can be paid directly to the driver (money is best changed on the way at the money changer – not at the airport because of the lower rate) or you can have it put on your bill (easiest way).

all costs are estimations due to exchange rates

If you would like to enjoy some extra time before or after your training, we are happy to help and advise you. We actually think this is a very good idea because it gives you a chance to get over the jet lag time and arrive slowly plus you can also enjoy a vacation and see more of Bali! 

We suggest the following before the training:

* You could stay an extra night at Batu Karu Coffee Estate, where our training always starts; that is advisable if you arrive one night early and we are happy to arrange this for you!

* You could also visit Ubud for example – there we suggest staying at Ubud Sari. (Ubud only makes sense if you arrive at least 2 days before the training starts because it is 2 hours away from Batu Karu and otherwise it would be a real detour while Canggu is on the way)

* Or you could go to Canggu to Bali Serenity  (inexpensive and with yoga & vegan) or Zin (more luxury). this is also possible for only one night as it is on the way to Batu Karu.

* Another (more mature) option would be Sanur. This is interesting for 2 or more nights

* A visit to the nearby islands such as Nusa Lembongan or the Gilis or a Bali round trip would also be interesting. That would only be for 3 days plus.

For after the training it really depends on how much time you have —

for more details please find here our BALI TRAVEL TIPS. 

First Day

  • Arrival Batu Karu Coffee Estate: all day
  • Lunch: whenever you like
  • Hike, river, relaxing: all afternoon
  • Welcome dinner:  start between 18:00 or 19:30

Second Day

  • Meditation, Pranayama: 6:00 – 6:30
  • Tea or Smoothie: 6:30 – 7:00
  • Asana Praxis: 7:00 – 9:00
  • Breakfast: 09:00-10:00
  • Balinese Ceremony: 10:00 – 11:00
  • Welcome Circle: 11:00 – 12:00
  • Theory: 12:00 – 13:00
  • Lunch & Break: 13:00 – 15:00

Second to last day

  • Meditation, Pranayama: 6:00 – 7:00
  • Morning practice: 07:00 – 09:00
  • Breakfast: 09:00-10:00
  • Bali Memories, written: 10:00 – 13:00
  • Lunch: 13:00
  • Option: Excursion or Relax: afternoon
  • Practice:  17:30 – 19:00
  • Sunset Closing Dinner: 19:00

Last Day

  • One hour meditation: 05:45 – 06:45
  • tea break or smoothie: 06:45 – 07:00
  • Morning practice/practicum: 07:00 – 09:00
  • Breakfast: 09:00 – 10:00
  • Temple Ceremony: 10:00-10:45
  • Certificate Ceremony: 10:45- 12:45
  • Check-out: 13:00 


The Bali Yoga Teacher Trainings & Holidays are held in 3-4 destinations:  in the mountains at the Batu Karu Coffee Estate, in the rice fields of the Shala Bali in Ubud, at the sea in Amed at The Kampung and Pondok Pisang in Candi Dasa.

Each Yoga Bali Journey is individually designed and includes either 3 or 4 destinations of different styles; for the next view adventures we will be at 3 destinations (Jati Luwih at the volcano Batu Karu, Candi Dasa & Amed on the beach at the East Coast of Bali), we will go to Ubud in 2025. 

 * Java Joglos wooden hut style on the volcano Batukaru

* Traditional Bali style in the ricefields of UBud

* Boho Beach Life in Candi Dasa with private beach just for us

* Traditional Bali style in Amed directly on the beach

Please note

  •  first come first serve
  • in Candi Dasa some single rooms share a house and a bathroom
  • in case of overbooking, we will switch to the neighbouring resorts.
  • we make change the accommodation at any given time 


is owned by a close friend of Beate’s, Kentri,  and nestled on the South Easterly Slopes of Mount Batukaru. It is a magical  organic coffee estate and retreat center. Surrounded by 5 nectar of protected jungle, this unique abode is the ideal place to escape for modern living, reconnect with nature and take in the breathtaking view of Bali and beyond. The ideal setting for your yoga teacher training or yoga holiday! The food is sublime and the energy magical!


is located right by the sea in Amed in the northwest in Bali. The owner is also a very close friend and ex-business partner of Beate, Vivi, so it is a cozy family affair. Amed is still a rather sleepy fishing village between the ocean, rice fields  and romantic hills and offers the tranquility and idyllic background that is ideal for a training, retreat or vacation. A 100 sqm fully equipped yogashala with ocean views, 3 kitchens, 3 pools, and 20 different accommodation styles of your choice are surrounded by picturesque tropical gardens. Delicious selective Indonesian buffets complete the paradise experience. Sonores and kayaks are awaiting you to jump into the ocean right after yoga practice!


 is Bali’s best kept secret, a stunningly appointed family run boutique sanctuary in the rural setting of tranquil East Bali’s Karangasem region. Also owned by a good friend of Beate’s, Desa, originally Austrian, but in Bali since over 50 years, Pondok Pisang is nestled in the serenity of its own coconut grove with a private white sand beach perfect for swimming and snorkelling far from the tourist enclaves of the south. The large and spacious yoga and meditation ocean facing studio area is home to our yoga program The restaurant is inspired by the traditional flavours of East Bali with produce and ingredients sourced locally from the surrounding area whilst the new vegetarian menu encapsulates their commitment to taking care of your body.


All resorts have stunning yoga shalas.

At the Batu Karu Coffee Estate the yoga Shala is magnificent overlooking all of Bali and is fully equipped – a dream! Probably pone of the most breathtaking shalas you have ever seen.

At The Kampung our Yoga Shala’s  floor is terracotta with ample of space overlooking the pool, garden and the ocean. It is equipped with blocks, belts, bolsters & blankets. 

In Candi Dasa we overlook the beach and even have ropes in the wall and Iyengar Yoga equipment yay! 

Please bring your own mat!

Nutrition & Detox

Included in the price are 3 daily meals plus water and tea – some sorts also offer smoothies. However, on free days and once a week the last 2 days, food is at your own disposal. That way, on those days, you can eat exactly what you like.

All resorts offer fresh from the market or their own farm local ingredients, cooked the Balinese or Indonesian way.

Nutrition is very important to us and we consider proper nutrition a very big part of yoga. We make sure that all food is fresh from the market, of highest quality, washed with the best water and preferably organic.

We also see this training as a culinary journey with a focus on “new experiences” (introducing Indonesian and Balinese specialties & ingredients, delicacies that you may not yet know, superfoods, etc..).

We only use olive or coconut oil, sea salt from Amed and organize extra superfoods like raw Balinese cocoa, Chia seeds, etc..

The BCCE offers local ingredients straight from their farm into the table cooked by an excellent Balinese Chef . It’s simply delicious and nutritious. They are famous for their kitchen. 3 times a day plus an afternoon tea.

Morning Break

Raw Cacao Smoothie made with coconut-nut milk with cinnamon, bananas and palm syrup. (Amed)


Fresh, seasonal tropical fruit / fruit salads, homemade granola, chia pudding, scrambled tofu & super food surprises.

Tea, coffee in Batu Karu


Fresh mixed salads; raw spring rolls; brown rice with pepes (banana wrapped Balinese delicacies), vegetables and tofu.


Soups as starters; vegetable kebabs with sew potato dishes and salad / jackfruit curries.

Desserts & sugar

there are desserts everywhere, but we discuss sugar together and try to keep sugar to a minimum. You decide if and when you want dessert (personal responsibility)

You can actually drink the tab water in Batu Karu – but that is the only place I bali that I know!

Otherwise No!! Only bottled or filtered water is drinkable. Please bring your own re-useable non-plastic drinking bottle!

Please fill up your bottle constantly with the water supplied and drink A LOT, because we sweat even more in the tropics! Dehydration risk.

If you experience dehydration we suggest drinking coconut water and at times add Oralit (small sachets for rehydration) to your water and sip it slowly.

Special food, nutrition counselling & detoxification are one of Beate’s main areas of interest and study. She is happy to help with special diet or detox plans.

A detox can be arranged before or after the training or a light detox during the training; if only for a day (24 hour fasting) or a 3-day “cleansing” with colonic irrigation (best in Ubud). If you want to stay longer and seriously consider “cleansing” further, here’s a little tip for a “Healing Week”:



There is so much to do. Bali is so exciting! Never boring

Visiting temples and other “spiritual” and cultural Balinese sites, hot springs and water temple baths & purifications (Melukat), hiking to waterfalls, cycling through rice fields, surfing, diving, beach visits, snorkeling, kayaking, sunbathing, massages and spa visits with traditional Asians beauty rituals (such as body scrubs with herbs (Mandi lulur), special hair masks with head massages (Creambath), flower baths with ancient herbs, spicy vapors etc.), therapies such as Cranio Cranio and Cranio Cranio Cranio. ), therapies such as CranioSacral or unique acupuncture, crystal bowls or sound baths (Pyramids of Chi Ubud), ecstatic dances (Saiuri’s and Yogabarn Ubud), visits to Balinese and Javanese healers, breathtaking white water rafting, elephant safaris, volcano hikes, walks, markets, traditional dances, visits to other yoga studios and famous classes such as ecstatic dancing at Yogabarn, shopping, mountain biking, art galleries, painting, stone and wood carving, ceramics classes, chatting with the Balinese as they go about their daily chores, domestic travel, nearby island excursions etc….

Just driving through Bali and looking out the window is an adventure in itself!

for more tips, here is our Yoga Bali Travel Guide

We think it is important not only to learn about yoga, but also to get to know Bali better in the course of this training. As it is not only breathtakingly beautiful, but also has culturally and spiritually a lot to offer.


Included in the YTT Program/holiday are 4-5 excursions:

1. hike through world heritage  Jati Luwih rice fields  (drink at restaurant at own expense)

2. trip to the Yeh Ho waterfall 

3 Tour through a coffee plantation with Kentri – incredible experience and getting to know the biodynamic cultivation and learning about Balinese culture and stability.

4: Tirta Gangga (holy water temple) or Tirta Empul for Melukat (Balinese purification ceremony)

  • Group dynamics in nature & in the studio
  • Walks, with theory work in the garden, river, beach and excursions
  • Walking meditations on the beach and on the mountain
  • Ceremonies with Balinese priests – opening ceremony with blessing in the volcano resort, blessing in the water temples
  • Campfires at the resort and on the beach; fireside evenings in the mountains
  • Snorkeling together, swimming, kayaking 
  • Ecstatic dance 
  • New moon intentions (Sankalpa) ceremony, full moon ceremony (if full moon during training) & cocoa ceremony (if Theresa is present)
  • Massage at the resort (costs approx. 10-15 euros for 60 minutes)
  • Spa visits (near the resort)
  • For vacationers, a whole list and driver (extra fee) for additional activities is available and will be discussed daily with the assistance
  • Therapies/coaching 

These are further group excursions we suggest but at your own expense

  1. Boat trip for sunrise in Amed
  2. sunset point restaurant Amed
  3. Visit at the Virgin Beach
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