Culinary Journey in Bali

What food/drinks are included?

Our offerings include 3 daily meals plus water and tea – in Amed we also have morning smoothies. However, on free days and on trips, food & drinks are at your own discretion. That way, on those days, you can eat exactly what you like.

Nutrition is very important to us and we consider proper diet a big part of yoga. We make sure that all food is fresh from the market, of highest quality, washed with the best water and preferably organic.

We also see this training as a culinary journey with a focus on “new experiences” introducing Indonesian and Balinese specialties & ingredients, delicacies that you may not yet know yet.

We only use olive or coconut oil, sea salt from Amed and organize extra superfoods like raw Balinese cacao, Chia seeds, etc..

Batu Karu Coffee Estate offers local ingredients straight from their farm onto the table cooked by an excellent Balinese Chef. It’s simply delicious and nutritious. They are famous for their kitchen.

What does a sample menu look like

Morning Break

Raw Cacao Smoothie made with coconut-nut milk, cinnamon, bananas and palm syrup. (Amed)


Fresh, seasonal tropical fruit / fruit salads, homemade granola, chia pudding, scrambled tofu & super food surprises.

Tea, coffee in Batu Karu


Fresh mixed salads; raw spring rolls; brown rice with pepes (banana wrapped Balinese delicacies), vegetables and tofu


Soups as starters; vegetable kebabs with potato dishes and salad / jackfruit curries.

Desserts & Sugar

there are desserts everywhere, but we will discuss sugar and its effect and vote when and what each students decides on their own sugar intake. We try our best to keep sugar to a minimum. 

Can I drink the tab water?

You can actually drink the tab water in Batu Karu – but that is the only place in Bali that I know!

Otherwise No!! Only bottled or filtered water is drinkable. Please bring your own re-useable non-plastic drinking bottle!

Please fill up your bottle constantly with the water supplied and drink A LOT, because we sweat even more in the tropics! Dehydration risk.

If you experience dehydration we suggest drinking coconut water and at times add Oralit (small sachets for rehydration) to your water and sip it slowly.

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