Frequently Asked Questions

* a good working internet connection * your computer or smartphone or tablet * the Zoom-App ( * and of course your yoga equipment and your fabulous self!

Please follow these steps after you logged into your Eversports account, that you already signed up for with your email and password: * log into YOGA BALI via the Eversports App on your smartphone or via our schedule on * choose the ideal product for you * select and book your fave yoga practice (ProTip: You can sign up/pre-register for as many practices as you like with monthly subscriptions & memberships) Latest: 30 minutes before the practice starts * You’ll receive the zoom link and details in an email from YOGA BALI * click on the link, enter the password and connect to the online yoga practice with Beate (If you don’t want us to see you (for alignment purposes), feel free to turn your camera off. If you prefer input, please leave your camera on and place your mat with a side-view to the camera. (Beginners may want to face the camera so they can see the demonstrated postures.) * adjust your volume to hear the teacher. (We mute all devices once practice starts.) Have fun and enjoy!

No worries at all! We will send you the link to the online recording with Beate right after the practice finished and it is valid for the next 72 hours, yay!

Beate loves holistic yoga & lifestyle, that includes but also goes beyond the mat and asanas (physical postures), inspired by ancient yoga philosophies made relevant for modern day challenges. Yoga Bali with Beate fuses Meditation & Pranayama with a multitude of ”yoga styles”: Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Heal Your Back Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Dance, Yoga Bootcamp, Fitness and Free Flow.

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