Bali Yoga Teacher Training 2024

Become a

Certified Yoga Teacher


or enjoy a

Yoga Holiday

in magical Bali!

Personal attention

in a family atmosphere

away from tourism

in experienced hands

Travel in 23 Days around the “Island of the Gods”

and meander from the Vulcano Jungle

across the Ricefelds of Ubud to the Sea!

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200hr multi style 23 days

July 6th - 28th '24

October 5th - 27th '24

January 26th - February 17th '25

June 7th – 29th '25

October 3rd - 25th '25

January 24th - February 15th ’26

300hr multi style 28 days

February 22nd - March 21st '25

February 21st - March 20th '26

November 7th - December 4th '26

  • We practise yoga with the Deepest Passion – for yoga and life and pass this on to you with all our heart!
  • We work for the Highest Good – we believe in a conscious, fair, ethical, tolerant and holistic lifestyle with play & humor!
  • Enjoy Individuality – you, your strengths and weaknesses on and off the mat and your personal values are our top priority!
  • Bathe in a Family Atmosphere – bring your friends & family! Our accommodations are managed by Beate’s close friends – cosy at home overseas!
  • Experience Community Spirit – we are proud of our team spirit and the “togetherness & the power” as a group and community with each other & wonderful Indonesians!
  • Feel Safe in Experienced Hands – Yoga Bali & Wellness was established by Beate in 2005 – Bali’s first official yoga company; Beate lives in Bali since 1991.
  • Highly qualified leadership & teachers – taught by multi-certified teachers & therapists
  • Internationally highest standards – your certificate is globally recognized – you can teach worldwide!
  • Continuing education – we offer 300hr and YACEP
  • Experience Multi Style – upon completion you will teach a basic Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin practice!
  • Expanded modern curriculum – classes in psycho- & trauma therapy for mental health and additional activities are a progressive part of the program; optional life coaching & therapies
  • Explore Magical Bali – and travel  to 3-4 different destinations4 trips included!
  • Back to Nature – we live in the jungle by the volcano, in the rice fields and on the beach with mobile phone breaks, scheduled silences and permaculture tours as part of the curriculum and contribution to save the environment. 
  • Flexible Terms  – installation payments; scholarships for Indonesians & others; incentives for content creator

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You are in best hands to obtain your internationally recognized certificate

Your next milestone, to create the life you want!

Structure & Content of the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training - 23 days

Asana, Pranayama & Meditation

Anatomy & Physiology

Yoga Energetics

Yoga Philosophy, Lineage & Ethics



Yogic Lifestyle

Mental Health

Social Responsibility

Bali Studies



Experience an unforgettable, often life-changing time in Bali
and receive practical tools from the ancient art,
to better master today's life with all its challenges!

Yoga Holiday Bali

Travel to Bali on your well deserved time-out knowing that everything is taken care of and you can let yourself fall into a deep journey of the island, yoga and self!

Your Yoga Bali vacation takes place at the same time as the training and is ideal for family and friends of the training participants or yoga enthusiasts who want to experience the depths of a training!

Choose the length of your yoga vacation from 1-3 weeks!

Your Yoga Bali vacation includes exciting elements: from a culinary journey, deepening your yoga practice, island excursions & activities to self-study & regeneration:

Referrals, Incentives & Sponsorships

  • €150 plus 1 month video library for booked referrals
  • Sponsorships for Indonesian nationals and content creators. Write us email on why you’re eligible for the sponsorship!

Accommodation, Destinations & Cuisine

Each Yoga Bali Journey is individually designed and we Tavel form the mountains on the slopes of Batu Karu across the rice fields of Ubud to the East Cast of Bali to the beach.

The journey includes  3 to 4 destinations of different styles of accommodations (we do not stay in Ubud on every trip):

  • Java Joglos wooden hut style on the slopes of volcano Batukaru
  • Traditional Bali style in the lush rice fields of Ubu
  • Boho Beach Life in Candi Dasa with private beach just for us
  • Javo Joglo Village in Amed by the sea with 3 pools

Details on accommodation & destinations here & cuisine here

Multi-Style: Hatha, Vinyasa & Yin

You will teach a basic Hatha, Vinyasa & Yin practice by the end of this training!

…while you also  experience a variety of “styles” of yoga:

  • Hatha Yoga focused on alignment as taught by Beate practicing and studying the Iyengar method since 25 years
  • Creative Vinyasa Flow Inspirations
  • Yin Yoga Level 1 Course & Restorative Yoga 
  • Therapeutic Yoga Level 1
  • Bali Yoga Bootcamp Style – a combo of yoga & fitness/strength training
  • Sahaja Yoga – Free Movement and Dance


  • to become a 200hr Yoga Alliance certified, internationally recognised yoga teacher


  • to advance ur personal practice and dive deeper into yoga wisdom 
  • to experience yoga as a holistic form of life
  • to explore your “dharma” (purpose) beginning your journey


  • to apply your knowledge of yoga to your current profession


  • to receive practical tools through life coaching& psycho therapy in a yogic environment.


  •  seeking an authentic Bali vacation with a yogic twist to clear the mind and strengthen the body.

In order to prepare for the training in Bali, students are given a Reading List. We ask that you please complete a written/painted assignment on three selected books.

Thank you for your commitment!


06:00-06:30  Meditation, Pranayama
06:30–07:00 Tea Break
07:00-09:00 Asana Practice
09:00-10:00 Breakfast & Break
10:00-13:00 Theory, Anatomy, Asana Lab 
13:00-15:00 Lunch & Break
15:00-17:00 Theory, Anatomy, Methodology 
17:00-18:00 Asana, Teaching, Studies
18:30  Dinner
after free, sometimes activities
2 free days

We think it is important not only to learn about yoga, but also to get to know Bali better in the course of this training. As it is not only breathtakingly beautiful, but also has a lot to offer, culturally and spiritually, to learn from and absorb, this is an important part of the training. 

more about our dive into Bali here

In addition you may enjoy your Life Coaching sessions separately or sign up for our Yoga Bali Coaching Pack:.

Women Life Coaching with Theresa Schiessl

In case you are dealing with acute or chronic pains or mental health, our trainings and holidays are accompanied by well trained selected therapists:  

Rolfing with Pablo Alvarez 

Core Energetics, Breath Work with Tanja Latussek

Reiki with Theresa Schiessl

more here

Our Yoga Teacher Training in Bali is 2024 in German with German speaking nationals mainly – only the Anatomy part is in English, but can be translated. Starting 2025 we teach in English but most teachers speak German we offer following additional German speaking support:

  • the books from the reading list and the Teacher Training Handbook are all available in both English and German
  • Beate and German speaking teachers and assistants support you in both languages
  • you may write/do the final written and practical exam in either German or English
  • all lectures have translators
  • Deposit:  
  • € 500 (to be paid with your application)
  • Yoga Teacher Training 200hr  
  • €3,200 discounted €2,500 (incl. deposit) – 23 days
  • Yoga Teacher Training 300hr  
  • €3,500 discounted €3,200 (incl. deposit) – 28 days
  • € 3,000 for Yoga Bali alumni
  • Yoga Holiday details here
  • weekly   €   550 
  • 3 weeks €1,500 plus accommodation here
  • additional hours at € 10/hr
  • full YTT program without certification additional € 300
  • Flexible Terms  – installation payments and scholarships for Indonesians & content creators email 
  • Optional
  • Women Life Coaching here 
  • € 75/session
  • Pack of 4 plus 1 Reiki: € 360
  • Rolfing here 
  • USD 100/session 
  • Core Energetics, Breath Work here 
  • € 86/session
  • Pack of 5:  € 420 
  • Pack of 10: € 820
  • Payment details here
  • Accommodation & Food here
  • Single room € 1,990 Double room € 1,550 Triple € 1,400
  • This rate is inclusive of housekeeping, (except on free days), 3 daily meals
  • Yoga Alliance Certification
  • Welcome drink – & bag with manual (complete course material), notebook, pen, sarong with ribbon and surprises
  • 170 direct contact hours with teachers
  • 4 island excursions
  • Numerous activities & ceremonies
  • Accommodation and meals (except on days off)
  • 1 massage at the beach resort
  • Access to Beate’s a complete online video library for 6 months
  • After completing our trainings, you will receive the “Yoga Bali 10 week Beginner’s Course” to teach, so that you can teach a practical course in addition to the sequences you have learned.

What is not included?

  • Flights, airport transfers
  • Transfers between destinations
  • Meals on days off & on some trips
  • Money transfer costs
  • Additional excursions (4 excursions are included)
  • Therapies, massages, spa

Asana, Pranayama & Meditation

  • Multi-Style: Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin
  • Daily 2,5 – 4,5 hrs of practice of  Asana, Meditation & Pranayama
  • Free movement, Dance, Bootcamp, Strength- & Fascia Training
  • Detailed study of yoga asana, their alignment, cues, adjustments & Sanskrit Names
  • Basic therapeutic Yoga (eg for headache, pregnancy, menstruation, back…)
  • Practice of Ujayii 1-8, 
  • Single & alternate nostril breathing plus 
  • 5 other Pranayama Stiles
  • Daily 5-60 min. meditation
  • Experiencing a variety of sitting/lying meditations 
  • Walking meditations
  • „Morning Silence“
  • Day of Silence
  • Meditation Theory

Anatomy & Physiology

  • Study of the human anatomy Level 1
  • Practical anatomical application of  yoga positions
  • Anatomical yoga Level 1 (eg poses, knees, shoulders)
  • Therapeutic Yoga Level 1
  • Massage and body-oriented therapies optional (Rolfing, Core Energetics, Reiki1

Yoga Energetics

  • Koshas – human layers system
  • Nadis & Chakras – energy centers & channels
  • Vayus – 5 energy directions on and around the human body
  • Gunas – 3 main characteristics 
  • Bandhas – locking points to contain energy
  • Drishtis – visual focus points to contain energy

Yoga Philosophy, Lineage & Ethics

  • Yoga lineage and history
  • Ethics of a yoga teacher, student-teacher relationship
  • Study of antique yogic texts such as the Bhagavad Gita und Patanajali’s Yoga Sutras


  • The art of teaching yoga Level 1
  • Adjustments and demos of asanas
  • Sequencing Level 1
  • Voice of a Teacher Level 1
  • Creating your own Hatha Practice with your group
  • Sadhana: learning to create  your own own, daily personal & all encompassing yoga practice
  • The business of teaching yoga Level 1


  • yoga related deities of the Hindo mythology and their 
  • mantras and chanting

Yogic Lifestyle

  • Nutrition, cleansing, fasting, ayurveda, sadhana Level 1
  • Creation of daily personal practice, Sadhana
  • Exploration of Values
  • Exploration of the tools for Manifestation (Sankalpa)

Mental Health

  • Study of the mental, energetic and spiritual aspects of yoga
  • Classes on trauma, grounding and basic psycho therapy
  • Group & partner work on mental issues
  • Relating ancient texts to todays mental health solution
  • Study of the self, self-development individually and in groups with antique and modern modalities
  • Modalities for Goal & Life Purpose (dharma & values); Planning and manifestation (new moon)
  • Individual life coaching (extra curricular)

Social Responsibility

  • karma projects and presentations
  • Bhagavad Gita discussions & reflections
  • focus on community spirit, group events and team & partner work

Bali Studies

  • Island explorations and trips
  • Guided tours through temples and nature
  • Getting to know the Balinese, their culture, way of life and spirituality
  • Learning by being present at ceremonies, in temples and through Balinese rituals and customs

Excursions 200hr

  • Ricefield trip and hike through the world heritage Jati Luwih 
  • Trip to waterfall  Yeh Ho
  • Visit and spirtual water cleanse/blessing (melukat) in Balinese Tempel – Tirta Gangga or Tirta Empul
  • Guided Tour through Coffee Plantation
  • Optional: 
  • Goa Gaja in Ubud
  • Piknik/Swim/Snorkel/Cafe at “Virgin Beach”
  • Sunrise Boats Trip in Amed
  • SunSet Point Green Planet Amed Dinner


    • Group dynamic activities in nature & in the studio
    • Walks, with theory work in the garden, river, beach and excursions
    • Walking meditations on the beach and on the mountain
    • Ceremonies with Balinese priests – opening ceremony with blessing in the volcano resort, blessing in the water temples
    • Campfires at the resort and on the beach; fireside evenings in the mountains
    • Snorkeling together, swimming, kayaking in group or individually
    • Ecstatic dance in Ubud but also in our studio
    • New moon intentions (Sankalpa) ceremony, full moon ceremony (if full moon during training) & cocoa ceremony (if Theresa is present)
    • Massage at the resort (costs approx. 10-15 euros for 60 minutes)
    • Spa visits (near the resort)
    • For vacationers, a whole list and driver (extra fee) for additional activities is available and will be discussed daily with the assistance
    • Therapies/coaching with

    Pablo (Rolfing, Cranio Sacral) – most students are very enthusiastic and almost 100% of all students enjoy at least 1 treatment for their physical well-being)

    Tanja (Core Energetics, Breath Work – again, most students enjoy a session for mental wellbeing)

    Theresa (Life Coaching and Reiki – students report “they fly” with Theresa)

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