New Years 108 Sun Salutations & Sankalpa

31. December 2022
09.00- 11:30 Vienna 
16:00 - 18:30 Bali 

Together we Rise!



Please join me for 108 Surya Namaskar together online or in person at Serenity Bali – and to set your Sankalpa (explanation below) to prepare for 2023!


Vienna 09:00-11:00 / Bali 16:00-18:00

We will start with centering and a chant, then do 108 Sun Salutations ending in a ten minutes Savanasa. Followed by a break. Then Beate will give an intro what a sankalpa is and lead you into a guided mediation and visualisation, thereafter we will write down our sankalpa intentions for the year 2023 or next 5 year vision for ourselves and the planet.

Why 108?

The number 108 is sacred and significant in many ways, appearing in many disciplines from astronomy to yoga:

* A Mala bead necklace, like a rosemary has 108 beads, which are used to count during japa meditation reciting a mantra. Consequently, the 108 sun salutations comprise a moving meditation, that mimics the practice of using a mala.
* The number 108 appears in ancient, sacred texts. For example, there are 108 Upanishads and 108 Tantras
* In numerology, 108 broken down means 1 for new beginning and 8 as eternity and together they equal 9, which is the highest number before it gows back to 1 and symbolises spirituality and awakening
* In Ayurveda, there are 108 sacred points on the body

Completing the 108 sun salutations on New Years Eve Day refreshes, centres and encourages us to open up for deeper contemplation and clearer vision to set our Sankalpa.

Our 108 sun salutations are followed by Savasana, a reading and setting our Sankalpas.

What is a Sankalpa?

Sankalpa is a Sanskrit word that’s often translated as ‘intention’, and on the surface seems to describe, what we think of as New Year’s Resolutions. But there are some key differences between Sankalpa and resolutions. A resolution is a decision to change, often made from a place within, that says we’re not good enough and that we need to do something to make us better or more worthy.

Sankalpa, on the other hand, is a notion formed in the deepest places of our heart. The word itself implies determination, will and conviction. Sankalpa can be made at the beginning of any cycle, whether it’s a yoga practice, a new day, new moon or a new year. Sankalpa helps us create the life we are meant to enjoy. It’s a commitment we make, that supports our purpose and our highest truth. Rather than a focus on needing to change, Sankalpa starts with loving yourself, and acknowledging that at our very core we have an intrinsic perfection, goodness and beauty, that is the pure well from which we draw the energy to grow and evolve.

When we are crystal clear about our deepest purpose as we move forward into a new cycle, three wonderful things happen:

* We focus our energy more effectively
* We become aware of how some decisions support our intention and some work against it, and we choose more consciously
* We begin to practice honouring our long-term interests rather than our short-term desires

Early Bird: € 15 (til Dec 18th)
Regular: € 20