Yoga Bali Online Health & Wellness Retreat - 40 days Spring Cleanse & Immunity Boost

February 14th - April 31st, 2024

Recharging our Body, Mind & Soul!

This retreat is not just for fasting and detox but first and above all to support our general health and wellbeing and can be approached in a softer manner for those who are choosing not to go into deeper cleanses. Milder variations are on offer for you!

The thought of detoxing can feel overwhelming at times, BUT since this cleanse spreads over 40 days and offers softer variations, we can go easy and slow and have fun with it at the same time! With intention and a experienced guidance, I trust we will sail through this retreat  together in flying colours and enjoy it!

This 40 day Plant-Based Online Retreat draws on my 25 years experience of living healthy, doing yearly fasts and detoxes and being devoted to a yogic lifestyle. I’m fully here to support you in your journey step-by-step.

This online retreat is not tied to any religion, although we use the timeframe of Lent as an inspiration for this season to motivate us to cleanse, just like the 40 days Fasting during Ramadan or Buddha’s 49 days to enlightenment. We use these 40 days to rejuvenate on all levels!

We will meet in 2 online info sessions and every morning of the 40 day wellness retreat you will receive clear written suggestions for the day and the week ahead. Additionally you may join our online yoga, pranayama and meditation practices either daily or twice a week.

It is actually more days as Sundays traditionally do not count. Sundays are free days, feast days, where you choose what to do/eat or not do (well you are always free to choose :).

What are the main tenants of this ‘spring cleanse’ retreat?

  • humor & community
  • daily Yoga Sadhana (asanas, pranayama, meditation, chanting, mantras, intention, prayers, journaling)
  • frequent cardio exercises/walks outside/in nature
  • free Sundays
  • 40 days plant based, vibrant & cleansing nutrition & recipes
  • supplements & immunity builders
  • powerful physical, emotional, mental, speech & spiritual cleansing tools
  • happy morning/bedtime routines
  • 1 week activated charcoal cleanse
  • 2 weeks kidney cleansing tea & herbs
  • 3 weeks parasite cleanse
  • 3 day juice fast with colonics/enemas
  • 1 day liver & gall bladder cleanse
  • supported rebuilding after-cleanse phase

So what do we want to specifically limit?

Questions to ask ourselves: 

– What cravings have a hold on me? 

– What would be truly liberating to leave behind? 

– Short of an addiction, have I become dependent on a particular food, drink, substance, person or activity? 

– What would be truly challenging for me to give up during our Lent retreat?

Let’s have fun and glow & grow together, to be our powerful, courageous, vibrant selves!

  • € 129.- for daily instructions for 40 days plus Yoga twice a week online
  • € 80.- personal 90 minutes online session for personal coaching/guidance

financial assistance available at

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