Bali Yoga Bootcamp with Beate

27th of June - 1st of July 2022 6:30 - 7:20

5 Days of Natural Energy Boost

Catapulting us back into Our Power,
Elevating Endorphins and
Embracing Change with Courage!

We’ve got the power!

5 Days of a Natural High!

This energised Bali Yoga Bootcamp of summer 2022 is again online via Zoom live from Bali and will catapult us into shape ready for the summer holidays or winter breaks!

Our yoga and fitness combined practice is not only a physical energy booster and strengthener, but we will also give us a chance to stop and look into giving our minds a well needed kick – raising those endorphins contributing to a positive outlook and flood of ideas and creativity.

In this 5-day bootcamp we will especially focus on natural ways to boost our energy. Most of us are familiar with feeling worn out and weary at the end of the day. We then tend to balance our moods and fatigue with reaching for more coffee, alcohol or supplements. While a cuppa, a glass of wine, a cigarette, a handful of vitamins, sweets or some Maca from Peru definitely have their fabulous place in our lives and certainly add to our joy and well-deserved pleasure & comfort, regular or exceeded use literally has the opposite effect and can actually drag us down feeling low and depleted.

So how can we feel great and full of power naturally without speeding into the next Starbucks?5Fortunately, there are plenty of healthy actions we can take to reduce fatigue and elevate ourselves. In this bootcamp we will not only kick our bodies back into shape but work as well on integrating simple strategies to increase our energy levels naturally – just on time to feel fabulous during that summer trip in the Western hemisphere or come alive through winter days or dry season in the Eastern Hemisphere.

In true bootcamp fashion we will soft-whip our bodies back into shape & strength, in just those areas, that want a re-set and toning, with a combination of bold fitness exercises with body weight, hand weights and/or resistance bands, rigorous sun salutations and yoga asanas using yoga props, blocks, belts and chairs or nothing at all! The latest music beats combined with oldies and chants will accompany our natural rhythms.

This form of yoga asana practice is a combination of Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Iyengar Yoga inspired, power yoga, Kundalini Yoga, dance and free movement. Additional stretching, deep breathing, pranayama, meditation, relaxation techniques and restorative poses combined with fitness moves round up a magical experience, that will leave you wanting more of yourself and life.

All of our practices are, upon request, either in German or English and recorded. In case you cannot make it on time to practice, no problem! The recording will be sent to you right after practice and is available for 3 weeks!

€75 for 5 x 50 min per week
€50 for 5 x 50 min per week (for members)
€18 for a single practice

Let’s fly high together and have some fun!

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