English translation – more energy and lightness!

March 8, 2023


The time around the spring equinox is ideal to take care of our body, mind and soul in a focused way! Spring is a fresh start, a clean out, a cleansing – from the outside in – from house cleaning to skin – from breathing to thoughts!

Toxic overload – whether physical, mental or emotional – affects us all and can significantly impact our quality of life. With Yoga Bali’s 40-day gentle wellness retreat, the body & mind are prepared to reduce toxins so we can regain a sense of ease, energy, vitality and motivation. Detoxification and self-care weeks stoke the digestive fire, improve memory & productivity, and stimulate metabolic activity so the entire body-mind complex functions more efficiently.

Please join our

Yoga Bali Online Health & Wellness Retreat –
40 days Spring Cleanse & Immunity Boost!

Themes of lightness and energy are spread throughout 2023 with

Bali Yoga Holidays – Life Trainings and Trainings

Something for everyone! From jungle adventure at the volcano to the sea … everything is there!

Trainings are in German

June 29 – July 21, 2023
October 10 – November 2, 2023
3rd – 25th February, 2024

Looking forward to an exotic adventure with you – either online, in the mountains or on the beach!

All love
Beate & the Yoga Bali Team

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