Gertie Tavernier.

For yoga, philosophy and mythology

I am a RYA500 certified yoga teacher (Yin, Vinyasa & Hatha) with additional certifications to teach Aerial Yoga (Sky Flow) and Budokon Yoga & Movement (a combination of yoga flow, free movement and animal locomotion perfused by martial arts-inspired movements).

I have successfully been running my own retreats in Europe (Portugal, Germany, Belgium) and a few in Bali since 2016. I have a PhD in Pharmacy but also studied alternative medicines (herbal medicine, Chinese medicine and Ayurveda).

Combining these Western and Eastern approaches, I guide/coach people in accomplishing their optimal health with focus on movement, nutrition & supplements, and mindfulness techniques – all in a non-dogmatic yet founded way.

I have my homebases in Bali and Berlin and have my own Kitas provided by the company myself and 3 fellow teachers/coaches founded.

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