The Warrior Goddess: Durga

Durga – Goddess of Strength, Power and Courage

That moment when you say “I can’t do this anymore” or “I give up” or “I’m not strong enough”; that moment, when you have almost reached the mountain top and are about to walk back or want to throw your studies just before you finished your final exam.  We all have moments like that where usually it is our mind that exudes doubt and worthlessness and we are giving up or about to give up. Now that’s a Durga Moment – a  moment to envoke Durga

Om Dum Durgayei Namaha

So the story goes ..

In gratitude to services rendered, Shiva as a reward made the demon Mahisha invincible with one exceptional enemy: a woman. Mahisha laughed and accepted. With his newly gained superpowers Mahisha raged thorough the abodes of Demons and Gods creating absolute havoc that not even the Gods could withstand. Shiva, Brahma and Visnu after 100 years of chaos, then decided to create out of their own and their consortes’  Parvati, Lakshmi and Saraswati’s light the “Super Goddess” Durga to fight Mahisha. Invincible Durga slayed the shapeshifting demon in battle with her 8 weapons (carried in 8 hands given by each God) to free the universe again to be back in balance.

Durga means “fortress” and “the one who helps us through difficulties.” The warrior goddess of strength, protection, and courage is the fierce force within us to allow massive change and spiritual evolution enabiling us to grow and take responsibility for our lives. With Durga in our back riding the tiger with multiple weapons on hand, we are able to face any challenge to slay the demons of self-doubt and unworthiness. No matter how many times the demons shape-shift or try to seduce us, we will not bend under pressure and stay committed to transform every part of oursleves as these tough times are really when we learn and grow most.

Durga’s warrior screams as I hear them:

Never doubt your own power!

Stand firmly in your truth!

Call forth your fearless heart!

Invoke Durga in difficult or life changing  times, when you struggle, need to make important decisions or act with highest integiriy. Call on her presence when you want to take a stand for justice and refuse to hide your feminine power. Tap into her power and teachings when you need ultimate strength from within during life changes.

by Beate

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