Tanja Latussek

Therapist & Coach

Tanja's Story

I’m here for you as your Core Energetics Therapist and Breathing Coach.

I am German and based in Bali for almost 20 years.

I help my clients to bring deeper awareness to their body through grounding and breathwork.

When we are grounded in our body we land in reality instead of creating a story of our life in the mind.
From this body and mind awareness we can identify, address and overcome problems, unhelpful coping mechanisms and unsatisfying pattern we face in our lives from an embodied perspective and come to experience live on a more deeply satisfying level.

I first trained as a medical assistant.

I have worked with disabled and mentally challenged people before I embarked on a deeper search for meaning and healing the mind and body as a unit.

This path led me to complete studies and certify in

  • Hypnotherapy,
  • Breathwork (AOB) and
  • Body Centered Psychotherapy (Core Energetics).

I am available for private and group sessions, in person and online.

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