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Klaus' Story

Klaus has been teaching Yoga since 1999. His classes are strong and powerful coupled with great empathy and attention to detail. The intensive engagement with himself has led him to sharpen his senses and gaze for the essentials.

As a yoga teacher, shiatsu practitioner and human, he has the ability to empathize with others. In both shiatsu and yoga, the challenge of complex cases appeals to him the most. Here his patience helps him to look deeper underneath the surface.

During his many years of studies, he had the chance to get to know different teachers and methods. It is important to him to be free of fixed ideas and to recognize the individuality of the individual.

Klaus is also one of the lead teachers at the Bali Yoga Wien Teacher Training in Vienna. He will introduce you to the world of anatomy and physical energy fields while intertwining them with yoga asanas. Through his background as an experienced yoga teacher and shiatsu practioner and educator, the energy flow (prana) and its meridians will not only become more clear to you but support your own and your students’ yoga practice.

Together with Anne, he dives deeper with you into  “Hands-On-Adjustments”. Additionally, Klaus will teach Meditation, Pranayama and Sahaja-Yoga (free movement).

“Yoga teaches me the principle of life!”

Contact: www.shiatsu-erleben.at | shiatsu-klaus@aon.at

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