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Elisa's Story

Elisa has been a full time Craniosacral therapist, Aquatic Bodyworker, Medical Qigong instructor and Soul Mentor since 18 years. Her talent is to communicate the language of spirit and energy, to make the unseen seen. Thus, bringing the unconscious into the conscious. She can show you how to experience your deep-seated mind perceptions and ideologies. You will also learn where to  sense them in your physical body.  She then offers practical hands-on tools to clear those patterns and create room for expanded body-mind awareness.

Elisa teaches people to access an empowered essence within themselves. Therefore, whatever they do in life comes from a deeply authentic and profound place.

Improving stress management, physical pain and overall wellbeing, her therapy releases accumulated stress from the central nervous system through balancing and enhancing the functioning of the physiological body systems. While the body is being restored, Elisa works intuitively with the level of personal beliefs, attitude and thought forms found in the energetic blue print of the body. This process uncouples subconscious trauma from the neuro pathway, clears thoughts, emotions, and address ancestral patterns. A session can awaken and heal the memory, refresh the spirit, free the body, and confer new life energy.

Encouraging the body’s natural healing, this light touch technique brings emotional release and dreamlike relaxation.

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