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Donni's Story

Donni is a certified Insight Life Coach offering clients a holistic approach to empowerment.

His powerful (and yet playful) coaching style activates the inner wisdom of his clients so as they can understand their purpose and reach goals that will lead them to an extraordinary life.

The level of humanity and compassion he embodies is a result of a unique childhood upbringing where he was adopted at birth. His struggles with worthiness, sense of belonging and ultimately love was brought on by a physically abusive stepfather who had his own traumatic childhood. The pain was unbearable that he ran away at the age of 10, and ended up being admitted by the State to live in various children’s homes for the next 6 years.

The gift of his early childhood experiences led him to the light of forgiveness, and the humility that was essential to ignite his evolution as an adult. This self-awareness enables him to coach with empathy, and reverence for each person’s unique journey. 

“Our strengths are forged in the fire of our despair”

Seeking answers to burning life questions led him to immerse in countless self-development and spiritual books from the age of 25 years. His dedication to self-enquiry enables him to emphatise with the human condition on a level of pure unconditional love.

Professionally, his creative talents led him on a path holding multiple positions at once, across the hospitality sector as a Global Creative Director, Service Designer, Marketing Director, Events Director, as well as a Music Director for several large companies across Asia.

Whilst his work created impactful results for the companies he worked for, there was something missing. For years, the heed was ignored until the whispers from within became louder; a calling to align with his purpose.

The turning point came about when a coach/mentor tapped him on the shoulder and paved the way for him to explore the power and impact of Life Coaching. The progression of his life experiences had prepared him to this point; a time to now lead others through their own journey of self-realisation. This was to be one of the most transformative periods in his life.

Since graduating from the Insight Coaching Academy (Florida, U.S.), he has guided people to find clarity, purpose and passion in life.

Donni offers powerful 1:1 Life Coaching sessions as well as Leadership coaching for businesses. The sessions are immersive containers that empower his clients to step into a creation process of Being. He coaches with a balanced dynamic, considering each person’s unique story, whilst injecting fire and enthusiasm to help each person rise above their self-imposed limitations.

Today he works with people across the globe who are ready to step into their power and unlock their full potential.

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