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“training body & mind to dance with the soul”

Annemarie is from the fine species of the GlobalCitizen, being Austro|American she has lived 21 years in the US, and for the time being, is calling Vienna her home again.

Annemarie started practicing yoga in the Jivamukti tradition back when living in NYC’s East Village some 20plus years ago and started “diving in and going deeper with her practice” after a devastating skydiving accident in 2003 that had her experience a broken spine, spinal surgery, serious nerve damage to inner organs and broken leg bones; which all dramatically but mindfully turned Annemarie’s connection to body, mind, spirit and community around. Influenced by her own body’s incredible & ongoing story of self healing through mindful, integral yogic lifestyle choices and human ENERGY-work, she brings a unique sense of strength and presence, gentle empowerment, playful investigation of the forces of nature and practice of building stable foundations to each of her classes and workshops.

Through intention, meditation, pranayama, sound vibration and asana Annemarie has her students leave each session feeling connected, centered and renewed. Annemarie teaches in a way that provokes self-healing, thought and meaning, letting the student experience their bodies, their mind, breath, presence and the power of Prana, life and community.

Sessions are in English and | or German, with Sanskrit woven through and underlined by carefully curated wisdoms and sometimes yogic & world contemporary tunes of VENUSfrequency, her  pop|culture, yogic community radio show & podcast

Annemarie aims to live a yogic lifestyle and leads her classes in a way that reflect that choice.

She is also a Master Reiki & creative EFT practitioner, human Energy-worker and works with clients in one on one sessions of mindful touch, visualization, pranayama and Vedic Philosophy to support self knowledge, spiritual enquiry, self healing, harmony and balance.

She is a sustainable world traveler, photo-storyteller, official TEDx speaker, cyclist, optimist, nature lover and almost fully vegan farm-to-table food enthusiast. Listen to her TEDx Vienna talk via

Last but not least, Annemarie is a strong advocate of SEVA “in Service” practices, offerings and projects. With that in mind she is “Raising Vibrations. Healing Together.” by continuously supporting, up-keeping and strengthening the voice of humankind through her already long lasting affiliations with Community Radio (Radio Orange, Wien | KGNU Denver, Boulder and Radio Free Minturn, Colorado) via her weekly contribution of and has brought the Free “Daily Gayatri Mantra Project” to live during lockdown which now still continues. Join daily group meditations via for free, or pay as you wish to support this and other Seva projects hers.


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