Packing List

Travelling lightly means packing lightly! Also, you’ll most likely shop in Bali, as Bali has so much to offer. There are so many beautiful, unique and affordable items!

There is an efficient laundry service, so it is not necessary to bring a complete wardrobe for every single day. Please remember, we are in a tropical environment:

  • Yoga clothes: 3-4 short or 3/4 pants (no long pants made of thick material); if t-shirts for yoga, then lightweight cotton, Spaghetti-halter tops or sports bras are ideal for ladies; thin little panties prevent heat rashes
  • Please bring your own yoga mat!
  • Sandals (although plastic sandals such as Havaianas are ideal for everyday use & great for rain (Beate uses them), we suggest to check out environmentally friendly shoes that brave the rain), open elegant sandals for evening/going out, comfortable shoes, sneakers for hiking. If socks then half-socks only, 1 – 2 pairs of light socks for sneakers
  • Shorts with cotton t-shirts, summer skirts with tops, airy summer dresses, shirts (cotton, airy), 1 lightweight sweatshirt, hoodie, light pants, airy cotton pants, 1 pair of jeans
  • Bikinis, swimsuit, sun hat, sunglasses
  • Snorkeling equipment, plastic shoes for the sea (Amed beach is rocky)
  • Sarongs (or buy them in Bali)
  • 2 white tops (that cover the shoulders) or light cotton blouses or t-shirts that are long enough that you can fit a belt around – these are for our temple excursions and ceremonies.
  • A scarf that covers your shoulders
  • Rain Coat and small carry around umbrella
  • For the mountains: warm jacket, jogging suit, waterproof jacket, hiking boots with socks, comfortable long pants, jeans, T-shirts, lumberjack or other shirts.
  • Insect repellent, sunscreen (biodegradable please)
  • Daypack, cloth bag for shopping
  • WATER BOTTLE to refill, NOT out of plastic
  • Camera, Torch, Alarm (wo we dont use the handy first thing in morning)
  • Note Book for the teacher training theory, Travel diary or Yoga Journal
  • your own medicine and one bandage (we also need for yoga); mosquito repellent or anti itch cream; magnesium
  • Extra phone for local calls, direct telephone for international calls
  • international driving license (in case, you want to drive around after or before the training but it is better to hire a driver, they are very cheap and cheerful) and driving here is a story and a half. We di NOT recommend to hire a motorbike during the training.
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