Awareness: How can we actively live our joy?

“You are not a drop in the ocean, you are a whole ocean in a drop.” Rumi

Summer, sun, be happy! – Live actively

The smell of freshly cut grass, the coolness of a heavy summer rain – sometimes you take the time and leisure to indulge in that pleasure – sometimes you rush by – what’s the difference? … Consciousness … to be aware.

How can we actively live our joy and truly value our friends, family, leisure and nature around us?

Yoga offers a way. Yoga is more than physical exercise. It is first and foremost consciousness.

Become aware of breathing – pranayama

Where is my breathing today, how is it going? Stuck in the throat? Taking your time every day, if only for a short while, concentrating entirely on breathing, slowing it, makes mountains move. The body is supplied with oxygen and vital energy (prana, chi), the joints are oiled, the lungs are full – the breathing is directly connected to the head, slow breathing slows down the steady flow of thoughts.

“The breath is the king of mind.” B.K.S. Iyengar

Being aware of the body – sthula sharira

Treat yourself to a quiet moment every day (maybe even an hour) and sit down … in the grass, in the sand, in the moss or on a cozy pillow, feel the earth under your feet and the infinity above your head, in between stretches one straight spine.

“Spend some time alone every day.” Dalai Lama

If we take the time to listen to our bodies, then we know exactly what he tells us and can help him and then enjoy the holiday so much more – we create homeostasis balance in our system. We go deeper. To become aware of our thoughts.  Walking into silence and looking at our thoughts is most likely the greatest tool of awareness and contemplation, especially in situations that push us to the limit. Instead of annoying the email or saying a word in anger that offends someone – look inward and feel instead of responding immediately.

Why am I so sad now? Why is his reaction annoying me now? Is it the situation or my thoughts about it? It is our own thoughts that evoke emotions. We take responsibility for ourselves by perceiving our feelings and actions and watching them with serenity instead of blaming others for it.

Roll out the mat and practice yoga

During yoga practice we remember our breathing, hear the inner teacher saying, “Breathe slowly and deeply into your stomach.” – Suddenly, breathing, body and thoughts begin to synchronize and calm each other by themselves.


Start the day in silence, sit or lie for only 5 minutes, make it a daily ritual. Create new space through silence. Make the beauty of a sunset a moment of gratitude. Look at trees, without a mobile phone, without distracting entertainment.

“In silence lies the power and the answer”

Dance, move

Movement, rhythm and music bring in the body and in the moment. Use this – aware.


Write an e-mail or a letter (even to yourself!), Write a blog or a book, spontaneously, intuitively and necessarily by hand, especially when a challenge presents itself in your life, brings order and ease. Almost always something dissolves already during the writing.

To consciously shape everyday life

What happens when we do yoga, meditate, dance, write, consciously experience nature or everyday life, or just come into silence? We connect with ourselves, with everyone around us and with a higher intelligence, the Universal Consciousness. Yoga comes from the word ‘jog’ = yoke and means connection. We feel whole and connected, we need nothing, we recognize the fullness within us. Attention and consciousness connects us to what we really are, we recognize in silence our true self in everything … that is the moment when the drop realizes that it is the ocean.

Enjoy your holidays!



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