The Power of Kindness

“What we all have in common is an appreciation of kindness and compassion;

all the religions have this. Love. We all lean towards love.”

Richard Gere


Random acts of kindness are proven to boost our mood and mental health. When we help others in being kind, it promotes positive physiological changes in the brain associated with happiness. Acts of kindness may seem elusive these days, when the world is dealing with a pandemic, that has us keeping our distance from one another; however, helping others actually improves social support, it helps the entire society, the entire planet to get back on their feet together as a community. United we are so much more powerful to deal with with current issues and engage in meaningful activity. It is the separation that makes us weak.

There are so many ways to show we care! The Power of Kindness may be as small and cost efficient as a smile to a stranger. Please see below some ideas as gentle reminders of this season for mood-boosting acts of kindness for family, friends, neighbours and nature:

Karma Yoga means Selfless Service. We do something for the Greater Good for someone, sometimes less fortunate, without expecting anything in return.
Taking care of our community
Checking on our elderly neighbour, having a meal delivered to someone dealing with an illness, or a treat delivered to a friend having a rough day. Caring for your community can be as big or small of an act as you want it to be.
Participate in or start a fundraiser for a cause that moves you
A friend of mine recently shared a link to her fundraiser which got me thinking. We don’t have to have a special holiday or occasion to start a fundraiser. There are so many people in need of support, and so many charities tirelessly advocating for them, it would be an immense act of kindness to step up and help, just because.
6. Shop & gift natural, fair or vintage
Being kind to the earth and humans who create products under difficult conditions is a good point to consider while shopping, keeping nature and fairness in mind – less plastic, less packaging, less garbage.  Remember to ask yourself: Where is the product made? Who made it? If the purchase doesn’t stand the test of fairness and socially & environmental responsible, maybe this season’s presents could be in the shape of “gifting time” or “trading”?
 9. Support the environment
Just bring an extra plastic bag for your next forest or beach walk and pick up any litter. Sign up for a monthly donation like Greenpeace or give that membership as a present. Plant a tree or gift a tree. I know you know how to be kind to nature – it is just a gentle reminder for all of us this season  to continue going that extra step as it makes a huge difference. Mother Earth needs it more than ever!
 10Giving Time and Space to others
Let someone in in front of you in line or on the road. Let someone else take that primo parking spot. Stop to assist someone who looks lost – the list is endless – do you have any more ideas to add? please write to
 11. Compliments
 12. Simply smile …
In a world where we can be anything, let’s be kind to each other, especially when we have different opinions. An opinion is just an opinion – a thought. It could change tomorrow just like the earth changed from being flat to round. Who knows the ultimate truth? Nobody. Let’s be kind!
So much love to you in this special season! Enjoy a peaceful time with your loved ones. I look forward to see you online to practice yoga together as a community!
written by Beate McLatchie
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