Theresa Schiessl

yoga teacher & women life coach

Theresa is a trained nurse, 500 hour certified yoga teacher and practices Reiki energy healing.
She sees a fulfilling life in a holistic approach, which is why she is a certified life coach, specializing in the needs of women.
She teaches yoga, organizes holistic healing retreats and works online 1:1 in counseling sessions with women around the world.

Theresa gives you a safe place to find love and appreciation for yourself again.
You will work on your own emotions, routines and triggers, for all your own healing life joy and life qualities.

The focus is on a holistic approach where you connect back to your body, (subconscious) mind and soul. Through a combination of different approaches such as meditation, morning routines, tapping and energy healing, we can create long-term changes in our subconscious mind.

Hebb’s Law states, “Nerve cells that fire together, wire together.”
We want to reflect on these old, trained childhood patterns and change them through new approaches combined with repetition.

Our bodies are naturally wise and are constantly sending us messages. You will learn how to rely again on your own wisdom and the signals of your body

In my world, life is all about love, joy and lightening up someone’s day!

I believe if you have discovered your own light, you are able to glow not just for yourself, but also to radiate love and kindness for your loved ones, your community, to all beings on this planet, and to nature.

I trust in the magic of movement in connection with breath, mediation and stillness.
I believe that from this place there comes a power which connects us back to each other and the planet. It allows us, to glow and radiate our light so we show up as the best versions of ourselves, so we inspire others to do the same.

Women Life Coaching


In addition to our trainings and holidays we offer individual life coaching where you can  combing your yoga elements with digging deeper into your life’s journey!Y ou may enjoy your sessions separately or sign up for our Yoga Bali Life Coaching Pack where the coach and coachee work together on:

  • 4 sessions plus
  • 1 Reiki session plus
  • email and SMS support to:
  • gain better insight into the current situation with the help of assessment tools
  • gain clarity on the desired outcome
  • identify and remove obstacles or limiting beliefs that block action
  • create a plan to achieve the desired outcome
  • identify strategies, skills and habits that support progress 

Women Life Coaching with Theresa Schiessel: 

  • € 75/session 
  • Pack of 4 plus 1 Reiki: € 360.-.
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