Pablo Alvarez

Yoga Anatomy Teacher
Rolfing Therapist

Pablo's Story

Pablo is an Advanced Rolfing Structural Integration Therapist, studying under the mentorship of Dr. Peter Schwind (and others).

In addition to his Rolfing training, Pablo has extensive expertise in Yoga, Nutrition, and Yogic philosophy, studying under Sharat Arora, M.S. Viswanath and Larry Schultz. Pablo is trained and certified in Sports Nutrition, Weight Management and Personal Training.

Pablo developed a system Therapeutic Alignment Vinyasa (TAV) to teach yoga that not only includes the original teachings from Krishnamacharya and the Heart of Yoga, but also integrates principles of posture and movement to make the practice intelligent and effective.

With his extensive and varied combination of skills, Pablo is an expert on posture, anatomy and physiology.

Pablo holds a degree in Music by the Arts University of Cuba. He is always passionate, rhythmic, humorous in the delivery of his services.

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