Your Bali Yoga Trainings "Dream Team"

Yoga Bali is a cooperative platform of carefully selected, independent, experienced international yoga & fitness teachers, coaches and natural therapists, who teach yoga, coach or do treatments holistically and focus on each student’s individuality and free will.

Personal Branding

Beate McLatchie

Lead Teacher & Management

Born in Innsbruck, Austria, as Beate, my friends quickly re-named me Billy. I find that two names actually go well with a multi-layered Gemini.


Rachel Ellery

Anatomy Teacher

Rachel is your anatomy teacher. She knows how to connect the rather dry materials, with laugh and action.


Andrew Mournehis

Philosophy & Mythicism Teacher

Andrew was living his dream as a dancer and choreographer. Yet his career was cut short by a life-changing knee injury and serious illness in 1995.

Insight Life coach

Donni Satu

Life Coach

Based in Bali, Donni is a certified Insight Life Coach offering clients a holistic approach to empowerment.