Your Bali Yoga Trainings "Dream Team"

Yoga Bali is a cooperative platform of carefully selected, independent, experienced international yoga & fitness teachers, coaches and natural therapists, who teach yoga, coach or do treatments holistically and focus on each student’s individuality and free will.

Personal Branding

Beate McLatchie

Lead Teacher & Management

Born in Innsbruck, Austria, as Beate, my friends quickly re-named me Billy. I find that two names actually go well with a multi-layered Gemini.

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Theresa Schiessl


In my world, life is all about love, joy and lightening up someone’s day!

Pablo Alvares

Pablo Alvares


Pablo is an Advanced Rolfing Structural Integration Therapist, studying under the mentorship of Dr. Peter Schwind (and others).

Insight Life coach

Donni Satu

Life Coach

Based in Bali, Donni is a certified Insight Life Coach offering clients a holistic approach to empowerment.


Gertie Tavernier


Growing up in a small town in tiny Belgium, Gertrud Tavernier has always pursued the philosophy of “Healthy Mind in Healthy Body”.