Bali Yoga Online

New Years Retreat

5 days of Darsana & Pranayama Practice

Darsana comes from the Sanskrit root – dr .. – to see, to visually imagine, to realise. Darsana in its root is seeing the Divine – in modern days we may describe it as visualisation. The gift to see our own dharma – our purpose, our road map to walk on in this gift of life.

Why am I here? Where am I going? These questions of dharma are ultimately what brought yoga to life, when sages of all times asked this themselves over and over again landing in the vast spaces of the mind, not only finding ways to tame it but also possibilities to open up new portals to create the realities, we thrive in.

Bali Yoga Online New Years Retreat with Beate

Each session will open and end with several rounds of pranayama deepening our knowledge, expansion and activation of our own breath affecting the mind.

Instead of being victims of our time, we set into motion our power deeply rooted in our body, mind and soul to contribute actively to create the life and the planet we envision!

All of our practices are, upon request, either in German or English, and recorded. In case you cannot make it on time to practice, no problem! The recording will be sent to you right after practice and is available for 72 hours!

Online Stream

There is an online stream available for this activity. To participate, take the following steps:

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