Englische Übersetzung: Intro New Years Retreat 2022

20th of January 2022



I hope you are well and looking forward to a relaxing weekend!

Next week our Online New Years Retreat – Darsana & Pranayama – will take place Monday through Friday for 90 minutes daily from 6:45 to 8:15!

The physical asana practice will be split from the floor up. That is: 1st day feet and legs, 2nd day hips, kidneys, pelvic floor & lower back, 3rd day core, digestion and reproduction, liver, gall bladder, 4th day chest, heart, lungs, shoulders & arms, 5th day head & neck area The physical will be psychosomatically aligned with the mental; the pranayamas and meditations will support the asana practice as well as the psychological alignment.

In addition I would like to give you time to write, juxtapose present thoughts, reappraisals and visions – “past, present and future”. To give space to Dharma and Darsana reflections & visions: where am I coming from, where am I going, why am I here? I know, deep questions, but questions that move us at this time to motivate us – to move away from sacrifice to active participation in consciously shaping our lives and our planet.

Donni is helping!
For each of you who sign up, Donni will provide a free 2 hour life caching session to get your “roadmap” very clearly on paper. (If you choose and would like to do so).

If you would like financial or other special support for next week, please just write me – I’m here for you!

Please find the link to the registration here!

Looking forward to seeing you on the retreat mat next week and practicing with you! For all other “usual” classes there will be daily links to special recordings next week!

Please bring your journal or” writing kit” plus all yoga props and lots of humor to the retreat mat!

All practices are available as recordings for 2 weeks and are designed either in German or English depending on the participants.

All the love
Beate & Donni